Hey guys! I just finished my first video of the year in broadcast technology, a PSA about the Children's Heart Foundation, an organization that helps children with congenital heart defects.  Although the filming of this video was easy, one frustrating part was recording the voiceover. My partner Connor and I were using the wireless microphones for the first time, and it took many tries due to broken microphones and other mistakes. We eventually finished the video, and I'm very proud of it! It will be airing on the September edition of my schools TV show, Ladue View. You can watch it on September 8th at www.schooltube.com/user/dgoble.  Also, I found out that the Children's Heart Foundation wants to use the video on their website! I'm so excited to see it there in a few days, you can check it out at www.childrensheartfoundation.org. 

I will be starting my next video sometime next week, have a good Labor Day Weekend!

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