Wow, what a busy month! First, me and a few other students in my broadcast class were part of the eNews Student Bureau at the METC (Midwest Education Technology Conference). It was similar to the ACTE, which I mentioned in an earlier post, except there were a different group of educators and new topics. Although VERY stressful at times, it was overall a lot of fun, and a fantastic experience. The broadcast aspect of the whole event was really neat, because we got to work all day long, an opportunity we don't normally get because our class is only 90 minutes every other day, but my favorite part of the conference was working with the other broadcast students. They're all amazing people, and we really bonded throughout the conference, driving out in one car and then spending the whole day together. On Valentine's Day, we even stopped at CVS to get a rose and singing card for our teacher! Anyway, back to the broadcast aspect, while I was at the convention I got a lot of behind the scenes footage and interviews to make another behind the scenes video like I did for the ACTE, except this time I made sure I had every shot I needed! Even though I was more prepared this time, the video was still a pretty big challenge to put together, I'm not really sure why. One downfall of becoming closer with the other broadcast students is that I get distracted in class a lot easier! But in the end I worked really hard and produced a video I'm really proud of, which is what matters. This video is one of my favorites that I've done this year, so be sure to check it out on my videos page!  

Also, a few weeks after the METC, I participated in a contest sponsored by KSDK where my school partnered up with Gateway Tech High School. We partnered up with students from Gateway, and had to create an "I'm Just Sayin'," which is where you give your opinion on a present issue in society. My group wrote about the lack of communication between teenagers and their parents, how that can affect the teenager, and how it can be fixed. Although we didn't win, I really like our script and I think what we wrote about it a very prominent issue, so I might come back to that somehow later. The next week, we all went down and toured the KSDK news station, which was so cool! Again, the whole thing was a great experience and I met some really neat people from Gateway High School! I'll post the link to the winner's video when it's up. I'm also currently making a  short behind the scenes video about the KSDK contest, so I'll post that when it's done.

I can't believe the year's coming to a close! The next Ladue View is the senior's last show, and I'm going to be making the senior video. I think it will be really difficult to make, not technically, but emotionally, just because it's sad that the all of seniors are leaving. It will also be really fun though, so I'm excited to get started on it! Broadcast technology has always been important to me since I started the beginners class last year, but recently the class and the people in the class have become a really big part of my life, and I'm just so thankful for all of the opportunities the class and my teachers have given me. Anyway, make sure to check out my videos page for my new videos, and also follow Ladue View on tumblr at!