I mentioned in a previous post that last month in my AP U.S. History class we made documentaries for one unit. This month, I made a news story about the project and why it is useful, by interviewing the teachers who ran it and students who participated in it. My purpose was to get the idea of using video and technology in the classroom out to other teachers by showing an example of how it can enhance learning. I'm almost done with this video, and my main challenge is figuring out what broll to use with the interviews. I love the sound bytes themselves, I think they're informative, interesting, and inspiring, but none of the broll I have seems to fit with what they are saying. Today I'm going back to film the teachers and students during class, and I think that will cover some of the interviews well. I really like the meaning of this video, because it combines two of my favorite things: video and history. My favorite part of broadcast is when I can combine it with another subject that I love, so this project was really good for me!
I got an email yesterday about my short film, "Ramona and her Father," which I entered into a film festival! The guy running the festival emailed me back a very nice email saying mine was, "one of the most professional-looking 90 Second Newberys [he's] received. The script was tight and the acting was convincing, but not only that, it was clearly shot by someone who knows their way around some cinematography, and the editing and music cues are spot on! Terrific job!" It was really exciting to get feedback from an outside source, especially feedback like that!
Along with doing a normal project this month, I also created a documentary for an AP US history project! The documentary includes a staged presidential debate from 1828, two news reports, and two fake attack ads for each candidate. My group thought this would be perfect because of the timing with the election just having happened. The documentary is posted on my videos page, check it out!
This month, instead of doing a news story I made a short film adaptation of the children's book "Ramona and her Father," written by Beverly Cleary. The film is for the Newberry Film Festival, but for the show I made a longer five minute version. In the next few weeks I will have to shorten the film into only 90 seconds! I know it's going to be a huge challenge to figure out which parts to cut, because I really like how it ended up. I had a few challenges making this, because I family I wanted to use could not do most of the filming into a few days because the deadline for the project. Luckily everything with the filming went fairly well, and the girl playing Ramona was a great actress! Editing took a really long time, partly because of technological issues and partly because I'd never made a short film before so it took a while to adapt to that kind of editing. On the last day I had to edit, I spent 8 hours working on it! I'm really proud of this particular project because I put a lot of time into it in every aspect, preparing for the filming, filming, and editing. I really like how it turned out and although I've detected a few mistakes in it, I think it's pretty good for my first film. Check out the film on my video page!! I'll post the longer version now and the shorter one when I finish that. I also made another commercial for my school's Powderpuff Game that I'll post too!