The semester is quickly coming to an end, and our broadcast technology final is quite creative: we have a choice of three instrumental songs, each one minute long, and we have to make any sort of video that goes along with the song we choose (music video, news feature, etc.), it just has to tell a story. I chose the dramatic music and came up with the idea to make sort of a comedic public service announcement about procrastination. The beginning shows a student getting an essay assignment, and then the various phases of procrastination going along with the dramatic music to make it funny. I also added a color change, so when the student starts to procrastinate the color goes to black and white, and then as they walk towards the computer to start their essay at the end the color changes back to normal. Filming for this was pretty easy, but it was different that what I normally do because since each shot is only up for two or three seconds, I needed lots of different angles. The hardest part was color correcting, because I had to play around with the black and white color change for a while before it looked good. Also, it was difficult to get the lighting right because we filmed at my house which doesn't have very good lighting, and filming at a computer is difficult because the screen gives out a weird light compared to the rest of the shot. I really liked doing this project because it was a chance to be a little more creative and do something we don't normally do. I also like how mine individually turned out, I was a little worried before I filmed that it would be too confusing and people wouldn't understand, but the color and music help carry it along, the shots are neat and the overall storyline is funny. 

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