I just finished my final project for the year! Exciting, but sad at the same time. For our final we had to pick an assignment previously given to us in any other class, and redo the assignment through a video, carrying across the same information and message. I chose to make a video on a CSI (Controversial Social Issue) essay I wrote previously this year on teenage suicide. I thought this video would be pretty easy, because I had already made a video earlier about LGBT youth, but it ended up being completely different. The voice over was pretty easy because I had already written my essay, so I took parts from that, but it was extremely difficult to condense five pages of writing into a two minute voice over, while conveying the same message. Once I finished the audio, the most difficult part of making the video was deciding what to use for the actual, video part.  There's not much you can show making a video about teenage suicide, so I decided to experiment with a little use of animation/text as video, which is new to me, along with just showing video of what the essay was about: teenagers. I don't know why it took me so long to realize what I needed to show, but in the end (just a few days before the deadline) I saw that since the video is about teenagers, any video of teenagers just living their natural life would fit. Once I figured that out, piecing the video together was pretty easy, and I feel that I ended up with a really powerful piece. I think making a video instead of an essay for this project was extremely helpful, because the visual aids really add something and make the concept more relatable and easier to understand.

Next year I'll be working on a film and I'm going to start writing it this summer- I'm a little nervous but very excited! It's been a fun, stressful, amazing and definitely unforgettable roller coaster of a year, and I've learned so much. See you all next year, have a great summer!
05/23/2012 05:19

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Being personally proud of your work is the most important lesson I could ever teach you. You got it....and I'm proud of your perseverance as well.


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