This month I did a news story on the 2012 St. Louis Art Fair. I haven't done a real news story like this in a while, because most of last semester I was doing behind the scenes videos which are a little bit different. Also, I wasn't using a tripod for a lot of my filming so I was worried about it being shaky, but the shots turned out fine, although the lighting was awful, and I spent a lot of my editing time on color correcting the shots. I'm really proud of this video because I think it tells a great story about why the artists love to do what they do and the reasons they have behind the art they create. I like the whole sequencing and the ending shot a lot, be sure to check it out on my videos page! Also this month I started an ongoing project where I am interviewing as many people as I can about the subject of happiness. I ask people about what happiness means to them, how they would define it, and a series of other questions revolving around happiness. I love this project because I find the questions and answers so interesting, and I'm really excited to see where it goes!

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