My newest video concludes the investigative series on the teenage perspective on 21st century tragedies. It focuses on the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, and the 2012 Aurora Century 16 movie theater shooting. This video was the last of 3 in my investigative series. This video in particular I found the most challenging out of the three, for a variety of reasons. My interviewees were less comfortable with these two tragedies than the more publicized 9/11 and Newtown. The video talks more about their experience finding out about the tragedies rather than the teenage perspective on them. Also, it was difficult to find broll to use for this one, even more than the others, because again, these shootings were not quite as publicized as the other tragedies. However, I still think the video was moving and I am proud of the investigative series as a whole. It was a great experience to do something different, and to work on a longer term project. In the beginning, I was going to try to fit all of the tragedies into one video. I'm glad I went with the series format instead, because each tragedy is awful and deserves more than a just few seconds of video. 

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