This month, instead of doing a news story I made a short film adaptation of the children's book "Ramona and her Father," written by Beverly Cleary. The film is for the Newberry Film Festival, but for the show I made a longer five minute version. In the next few weeks I will have to shorten the film into only 90 seconds! I know it's going to be a huge challenge to figure out which parts to cut, because I really like how it ended up. I had a few challenges making this, because I family I wanted to use could not do most of the filming into a few days because the deadline for the project. Luckily everything with the filming went fairly well, and the girl playing Ramona was a great actress! Editing took a really long time, partly because of technological issues and partly because I'd never made a short film before so it took a while to adapt to that kind of editing. On the last day I had to edit, I spent 8 hours working on it! I'm really proud of this particular project because I put a lot of time into it in every aspect, preparing for the filming, filming, and editing. I really like how it turned out and although I've detected a few mistakes in it, I think it's pretty good for my first film. Check out the film on my video page!! I'll post the longer version now and the shorter one when I finish that. I also made another commercial for my school's Powderpuff Game that I'll post too!  

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