I finally finished my Senior Video, after weeks of frustration and fun. It was hard to time out all eight senior's interviews, and when I finally got them all done and edited the footage, the video was 13 minutes long. I spend two whole class periods cutting sound bytes out and trimming the video, and I finally got it down to just under four minutes. After hours adding music and editing sound and color correcting on the night of the deadline, I was finally satisfied with my video. I love the sound bytes I used and I think the video really gets across how the senior's feel about the broadcast program at my school- that they love it. With this video I learned that there will ALWAYS be something more that you can fix or edit, but at some point you just have to stop. I probably spent a total of an hour or maybe even more JUST on color correcting, because no matter how much I edited it the color always seemed a little off. I spent hours working on little details like that but eventually I just told myself I was done, and exported the video. I really like it and I love the message it carries. It should be up on my video page shortly, check it out!

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