My last project of the year (besides the final project) was another Senior Farewell video. I love doing "behind the scenes" videos, and since I made the video for last years seniors too, I wanted to find a way to make it different. This was a bigger challenge than I thought, because basically the video needed to have the same message, and therefore a lot of the same questions. I mixed it up by asking the seniors what they thought of each other, which I hadn't done before, and also by asking funny questions such as "would you rather?"'s. This video was time pressed because I had to find time to interview each senior while they each had their own projects to work on too, and in the end I wasn't able to interview one of the seniors. This was a big disappointment for me, but I was able to pull a sound byte from another interview the senior had done. Finding a spot for the sound byte was another challenge, but I was able to make it fit. Another challenge I faced was that one of the days, two hours of my editing randomly dissappeared, and I still don't know why. It was frustrating, but when I finally finished editing, I had 20 minutes of video. The final day I spent cutting the video down until I had a four minute production, which ended up later being cut down even more for the show. After many exports and versions of the video, I was proud of the final product and I think it well represents our Ladue View Class of 2013! I will greatly miss the seniors but I'm excited to be a senior myself next year! It feels crazy to finally almost be on top after 5 semesters of being an underclassmen in the broadcast class. 

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