I am almost done with my commercial for the school'l senior vs. junior Powderpuff game! This commercial has probably been my easiest project, as I just had to film one quick thing, find music, and fill in the video with text informing people about the game. For the commercial I filmed a junior girl and a senior  girl having a "confrontation" in the hallway. When I went back to edit, the audio was really bad because I used natural sound instead of a microphone. I refilmed it with a microphone, except I just filmed the girls talking and matched it up with my previous broll. The microphone turned out well, for the most part. One of the audio clips somehow got distorted, and sounds bad still, but I ended up getting the previous audio to work. I really like the music that I put with the commercial, and I'll post it on here as soon as I'm finished!
08/02/2012 01:51

Being personally proud of your work is the most important lesson I could ever teach you. You got it....and I'm proud of your perseverance as well.


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