For my first project of the new semester, I focused on the very serious topic of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, CT. This project went through a series of changes and at the last minute turned into an investigative series, in which each month I will cover the teenage perspective on a different 21st century tragedy. At first, I was going to cover 9/11, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and Newtown all in one video, but instead they will be separated in order to be able to add more to each. I really loved making this video and I think the teenage perspective on these tragic issues is EXTREMELY important to our country. Even though adults are the ones making the decisions now, in just a few short years, our generation will be the ones making the decisions. How we act, react, and the choices we make when we are leaders are formed by the events we have witnessed in our lives, whether we remember them or not. My generation has grown up in a world where 9/11 completely shaped the entire tone of our nation since we were just starting kindergarten. Adults know the difference of what the world was like prior to 9/11, but loads of airport security and a natural suspicion of everyone is all my generation knows. We're used to a world in which shootings are something that sadly, aren't too uncommon. Everyday we see and hear news of murders, kidnappings, robberies, attacks, bombings, and every other crime one could possibly think of. It's all that's around us. It's what we've grown up with, and it's what we are going to base our leadership off of. I hope that my video can help those who watch it have a better understanding on the "teenage perspective" of these issues.

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