For my last project ever at Ladue's broadcast technology program, I wrote a poem and made a video to go along with the poem. The picture to the left is a cool shot I got while filming. I decided to write the poem about moving on, and the junction between leaving something old and moving towards something new. I used the season of fall as a metaphor for this transition, because the leaves are falling and changing. To illustrate this in video, I filmed some of the pretty scenery around the area. The day I went to film, there was a huge windstorm that blew the camera over, but besides that there weren't many difficulties with filming. It took a while to get the voiceover perfect, but most of the editing was messing with color and effects to make the shots look really cool. I really like this last video and I feel like it sums up how I feel right now. It has been a great run here at Ladue View and I have learned so much. I will make another blog post around my last day of school to rehash on my 3 years here. Enjoy the video!

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