Welcome back to my blog! It's my senior year, (FINALLY), and for the first month I actually made 3 videos. Two of them were for a collaboration with HEC-TV, a local educational television channel. I made two 15-20 second videos, consisting of a narration of fun facts about the location and broll of each location. I made one on Sumner High School, the first African American high school west of the Mississippi River, and one on the Dog Museum in Queeny Park. There was a surprising amount of struggle in making what I thought was going to be an easy project. First, there was no room to film at Sumner High to get a good shot of the huge building, but I was able to get creative and get some good shots. Also, the administration wouldn't let me film inside the school, but it turned out that I didn't need to get inside shots anyway. At Queeny, the dog museum closed at 4 every day, so I only had an hour each day after school to get there and film, and the park is already 20 minutes away from my house. Then, the museum wouldn't let me film the inside galleries of the artwork, so I had to restrict my shots to the outdoor artwork, and the area between the door and the inside. Once I got the shots, the editing was pretty easy, and I like how each of them turned out. I also made a video on Forest ReLeaf this month. My friend's mom is a director of the organization, which grows trees for communities and public places that need trees, and she asked me to make a video to promote the organization, so I decided to make it for Ladue View also. It was tough to find times to film, because the volunteers are only there in the mornings of Wednesdays and Fridays, and I have school every morning. But, being my last semester of high school (!!), I was able to get out of some classes and film. The people there were all really nice, and just seeing thousands upon thousands of trees was quite an experience. There were a few technical difficulties with the microphone, but I fixed them as best as I could in post. I don't think they take away from the story at all, and overall I really like this video too!

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