I mentioned in a previous post that last month in my AP U.S. History class we made documentaries for one unit. This month, I made a news story about the project and why it is useful, by interviewing the teachers who ran it and students who participated in it. My purpose was to get the idea of using video and technology in the classroom out to other teachers by showing an example of how it can enhance learning. I'm almost done with this video, and my main challenge is figuring out what broll to use with the interviews. I love the sound bytes themselves, I think they're informative, interesting, and inspiring, but none of the broll I have seems to fit with what they are saying. Today I'm going back to film the teachers and students during class, and I think that will cover some of the interviews well. I really like the meaning of this video, because it combines two of my favorite things: video and history. My favorite part of broadcast is when I can combine it with another subject that I love, so this project was really good for me!

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