Wow, what an exhausting, funny, stressful, and most of all amazing past few days! On Thursday and Friday, my teacher, 8 other broadcast tech. students at my school and I went to the ACTE National Convention at the Convention Center in St. Louis. The experience was like none other, and I have gained experience and memories that will surely last forever. Schooltube (check out!) asked my class to do the media coverage for the event, so we separated into cars and  drove down to the Convention center at 6:30 am! As soon as we arrived at the center, we lost our teacher in the parking lot, which would be only one of the many crazy things that would happen in the next few days. We eventually found him and went on in. We had our own center for editing and interviewing, and we got awesome press name tags. We spent the rest of the day filming, interviewing, managing a website, blogging, and editing! We eventually packed up at went home for the day around 5. The craziness really started then- our teacher was still looking around for his car when we had already left the parking lot, and 20 minutes later we saw him driving ahead of us on the highway! It may not sound like much, but our whole class is convinced that his car can fly now, and he is a jedi. My mind was blown, and only now is it finally starting to settle down now, 24 hours after the last day of the convention. Anyway, we got back to the high school and MOST of us got a nice rest from the crazy day. I, however, performed at my school's band concert, and then went to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn, getting a total of 3 hours of sleep. The next day was great, we went back to the convention, (lost my teacher in the parking lot again, of course) and started on our work. I interviewed a lot more people the second day. It was a really neat experience to interview award winning teachers from all over the country, and I even got to interview the president of the ACTE!! The only downside was staring at the black and white Schooltube backdrop for hours, which  made my eyes go insane, but it was definitely worth it! At the end of our final day at the convention, we packed up our equipment and headed back to the parking lot, all scatterbrained from the day. My car decided to park on the TOP floor, (don't ask me why) and drove down 9 floors of a circular ramp at...a very high speed. We then drove a speed I will not say on the highway, in a successful attempt to beat our jedi teacher back to the school. Full of computer crashing, TONS of free stuff from vendors, countless interviews, equipment not working, endless editing, and enough craziness to last a lifetime, there is no word that can describe the past few days. I hope this blog helps you understand some of what we did, and make sure to check out all of our videos from the convention at and All  I can say is that I will never forget ACTE 2011!
Don Goble
12/13/2011 12:02

This is a fantastic post! I'm so glad you found the experience worthwhile. You did an amazing job Nadia.

Dave Cornelius
12/14/2011 10:54

It was my pleasure to meet and work with you all. Excellent job.
Dave C.


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