I have finished the second segment of my Investigative Series on the teenage perspective on 21st century tragedies! This video focuses on 9/11, beginning with students giving their separate accounts of what they remember, and then moving on to how it has and will continue to affect each of them throughout their lives. I also like this video, although it is sad, I think the message is important and clear. One major mistake in this video was an audio blip during an interview. I tried to cover this up, but I couldn't figure out how to, and I thought that the sound byte was too important to take out. Although to some people, editing perfectly and making no mistakes may be what is considered good, I consider the message of the video more important, and I thought the sound byte was very powerful. Another big challenge I had in making this video was deciding what to use for Broll. Many clips I wanted to use were copyrighted, etc, and so I used mainly video of the tower being knocked down. Looking back, I could have used Broll of students I interviewed around school, because the video is about teenagers and they talk about being at school, and I also think I should have used more "reaction" shots. However, I've watched several people watch this video, and the emotion I see on their face when they watch it makes me proud of it, even if there were a few editing blips.

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